Convenience Store Payment Processing

Nationwide Merchant Solutions knows that convenience store owners and managers face a unique set of challenges when it comes to maximizing the potential of their businesses. From season shifts of customers and the high demand for a certain variety of products to strange peak hours, managing a convenience store is often frustrating and presents specific problems.

Convenience Store Payment Processing

How can your business benefit from our customizable solutions?

We provide robust and efficient systems that account for all the difficulties and requirements faced by convenience store owners. Given the nature of the industry, we also make sure our solutions are user-friendly and intuitive, so you don’t have to waste a lot of time on staff training. Some of the ways in which we can help you grow and effectively manage your convenience store include:

  • Comprehensive inventory tracking
  • Detailed sales reports which you can consult as often as you want
  • Reports on your top selling products and customers’ preferences
  • Cloud-based system that allows you to access your data anytime and anywhere
  • Guaranteed security for both you and your clients via the latest encryptions and security features
  • High responsiveness hardware that minimizes the waiting time for your customers
  • Offline modes that permits you to coordinate your operations just as efficiently during an internet outage
  • Access to real-time information regarding your convenience store
  • Unlimited database capacity and system scalability
  • Simple inventory management and cataloging
  • Automatically process customer payments (with quick printing of receipts)
  • Age verification features

Our systems lend you a helping hand with staff management

Besides inventory, the second biggest challenge faced by convenience stores is staff management. At Nationwide Merchant Solutions, we provide systems that collect data about time management and scheduling during peak hours. Armed with this data, you can adjust your operations to contain costs and consequentially, increase cash flow.

Convenience store managers can also record work time and attendance of the employees, so they can calculate the staff’s gross wage correctly. Our systems allow your staff members to clock in and out in the system, while you monitor their punch-ins accordingly. Monitoring employee check ins/outs is done with only a fraction of time, as our systems automatically calculate:

  • Salaries and hourly wage rates
  • Group and individual commission plans
  • Contests
  • Bonuses
  • Spiffs

Our products and services at Nationwide Merchant Solutions are designed to assist convenience store owners in dealing with the most time-consuming and costly problems, inventory and staff. Contact us today and find out how our systems can help you improve your store’s operations.