Gas Station Payment Processing

Nationwide Merchant Solutions can offer customizable and robust Point of Sale (POS) systems that streamline fuel-related activity. Designed for mobility, our systems allow your customers to pay at the pump or pre-pay for their gas, while the cashier processes fuel and non-fuel purchases from the same station.

Gas Station Payment Processing

How can your business benefit from our customizable solutions?

In accordance to the nature of the operations in a gas station, we provide flexible solutions that permit your staff to handle transactions and services from both multi-store franchises and single independent operators. Since we understand that most customers are in a hurry when visiting your gas station, our products enable handling foodservices, merchandize and fuel-related functions quickly and trouble-free, from the desired terminal.

By switching to our innovative services, your gas station can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Quick checkout for food, merchandise and fuel
  • Fast processing of credit, debit and gift cards
  • Automatic re-order levels
  • Recall or suspend features on hold transactions
  • Discrepancy reports
  • Detailed sales history of each product
  • Painless inventory management
  • Automatic tracking and granting loyal customers rewards
  • Frequent visitor rewards and gas gift promotions tracking
  • Age verification features that allow you avoid fines and penalties
  • A bundle of employee management options, from labor scheduling to integrated time clock
  • Regular reports on number of customers, average transaction amount and other details associated with customer transaction
  • Monitoring sales for merchandise, food, gas and season trends
  • All reports are based on real-time data and can be accessed anytime, anywhere

Our solutions eliminate theft and confer you peace of mind

We understand that working at a gas station comes with certain risks and does present some dangerous situations for your employees. This is why our gas station solutions integrate security cameras and DVR systems to help you record daily activity on the premises.

Nationwide Merchant Solutions provides systems that incorporate an extra layer of security to deter potential thefts and give your staff peace of mind. Some of the other noteworthy security options in our solutions include:

  • Exception tracking that permits your staff to spot suspicious activity
  • Sales, voids and other activities can be displayed on the security monitors
  • Unique ID, password and secure login cards for your employees

Integrating the latest security features, our gas station POS solutions incorporate all the tools and options you will ever require to run your business smoothly and increase customer satisfaction. Call Nationwide Merchant Solutions today and find out more!


Pavillion Farms Gas

Nationwide helped me simplify my processing needs from start to finish. From deploying the Micronode for my Automated Fuel Dispensers to integrating my POS system, Jon and his team were pros from start to finish.

Sunrise Petroleum

I am very pleased with their solution. It has helped us increase our business and make our jobs a lot easier. Great product and friendly service! Thanks

– Harry Patel

Sunrise Petroleum