ECommerce Payment Processing

With over 200 online solutions, it is safe to assume that every country and every shopper has distinct preferred payment methods. Thanks to our full range of e-commerce solutions that integrate seamlessly into your operations, now you can reach out to even more customers

ECommerce Payment Processing

Nationwide Merchant Solutions lends you a helping hand and helps you improve revenues by rendering the online shopping experience satisfactory for your customers.

Scalable, flexible and customizable, our entire range of solutions incorporate two of the most important options for an e-commerce site, a feature-rich, versatile shopping cart and the most reliable payment gateway,

Innovative shopping cart features

Considering that it is the e-commerce specific content management system, the importance of the shopping cart cannot be stressed enough. We fully understand the importance of engaging visitors and improving the potential shopper’s interaction with your e-commerce site, so our solutions comprise of a bundle of useful features, including:

  • Flexible and highly functional product images that allow you to resize the pictures as needed
  • Layered and faceted navigation that makes it considerably easier to find a specific product on your website
  • Single-page, fast checkout limited to as few fields as possible
  • Built-in options capable of processing deals, coupons and discount codes seamlessly
  • Simple and intuitive import and export capabilities
  • Easy integration with third party solutions
  • Analytics and sales reports Gateway

We are aware of the fact that an effective payment processing solution makes all the difference between a successful e-commerce site and poorly performing one. This is why our solutions integrate one of the best online payment processing available these days, namely

Some of the most noteworthy features, options and capabilities that recommend include:

  • It integrates seamlessly with most e-commerce software on the market
  • It can refer you to certified developers who can help you customize your site effectively and functionally
  • The checkout redirects customers to a secure payment form
  • It can handle multiple items, quantities, shipments and donations
  • It incorporates an impressive number of merchant account features
  • It handles any volume of sales automatically
  • It offers immediate and useful troubleshooting and/or assistance

If you want to find out more about our e-commerce solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us today. As a leader in the payment processing technology industry, Nationwide Merchant Solutions can help you identify a service that meets both your short and long-term objectives and allows your online business to grow indefinitely!