Textile & Fashion Payment Processing

Nationwide Merchant Solutions provide a wide range of payment solutions which are suitable for businesses in the textile & fashion industry. Our credit card processing machines, POS solutions and many other merchant services can benefit your textile and fashion business in more ways than you can ever imagine!

Textile & Fashion Payment Processing

How can your business benefit from our customizable solutions?

We understand that each business is unique and hence the need for unique solutions. Whether it’s a small fashion boutique or a mega textile factory, you can trust us to offer a solution that is tailored towards your business needs. By adopting our solutions, you can:

  • Track all the sales made in a day
  • Process customers’ orders automatically
  • Increase employees’ productivity by tracking the work done by each of them
  • Prepare your profit and loss statements
  • Process customer payments faster
  • Generate purchase orders automatically
  • Eliminate any possible errors on tax returns
  • Avoid altering of checks
  • Receive regular inventory reports of the most popular fabrics
  • Have clear descriptions on the invoices because the system permits you to have additional comments
  • Prepare your payroll faster
  • Verify all the payment accounts

We empower your customers to make smart purchases

We understand that you have you many customers and it is sometimes difficult for them to get exactly what they are looking for. This is especially when the customers are shopping during the peak seasons. Our systems can help solve this by:

  • Managing the different sizes of clothes, and shoes
  • Sort out different products in terms of color
  • Cluster products in terms of prices
  • Categorize products suitable for different age groups
  • Show the latest trends in the fashion industry

Our solutions can improve productivity with a centrally managed system

For fashion retailers, communicating from multiple systems is usually great challenge. We can help you change that by developing a centrally managed system. This system will be beneficial to your business since it will:

  • Eliminate inefficiencies
  • Reduce the risk of costs
  • Enable easy flow of instructions to employees
  • Know the retail shop with the most number of customers

If you need to procure payment processing systems for your new fashion retail shop or you need to upgrade your current systems, Nationwide Merchant Solutions can deliver the perfect solutions to your business. Call us today or email us to find out more about what we can do for your textile & fashion business!