Mail & Phone Order Payment Processing

As a business, staying competitive often involves your ability to accept a wide variety of payment options. When you are operating a Mail & Telephone Order (MOTO) business model, this is all the more important. Payments might be coming from your customers right across the globe or right across the street, but the underlying payment principles do not change – your customers need quick and secure payment options.

Mail & Phone Order Payment Processing

How does your business benefit from our customizable solutions?

When you work with Nationwide Merchant Solutions, you are working with a payment processing provider who is extremely familiar with the MOTO business model. We have worked with many MOTO businesses since 2006 and have helped them implement fast, efficient and easy to use payment solutions. Here’s a quick peek at the advantages we offer you:

  • Gives the merchant not only an ability to authorize, process and manage card payments, but also check orders from any computer with internet connection
  • Processing of payments manually using the gateway
  • It enables your business to accept all major credit cards as payment options
  • Secure submission of transactions via web browsers
  • Submitting transaction in multiples using a single file is enabled
  • One gateway allows many users, thus more transactions take place
  • Secure data, a company has the option to encrypt all their information
  • Gives a company the ability to process cards from several locations
  • You also get the ability to also process checks
  • It stores previous transaction history thus you have an accessible record
  • It reduces the time taken during transactions

How your business can grow through our payment solutions in the mail and telephone order industry

Our systems not only simplify the entire transaction process, but also save a lot of time and hustle for you. This time saving ability will help your business flourish significantly in the following ways:

  • Unlike most installations, there is no application or setup fees, you get to save and invest at the same time
  • Exceptional customer service team to assist you and your business on any issue
  • You can benefit from tax rates because you’re operating a MOTO business
  • Our systems can handle plenty of transactions
  • Our solutions are reliable and stable
  • Your company’s information is protected; this eliminates any likelihood of sabotage

At Nationwide Merchant Solutions, we evolve along with technology. We are here to help you stay ahead of the curve and ahead of your competition. Contact us today to find out more about the special merchant services that you can get for your MOTO business.