Transportation Payment Processing

Having to manage a business in the transportation industry can be rather challenging. There are various constraints that are sure to give you a hard time. Accessibility issues, the types of payment mediums and card processing terminals you can use, the available amenities and the infrastructure are among some of the problems you might experience.
Transportation Payment Processing

There are many types of businesses that operate within the transportation industry which includes airline companies, taxi networks, and limo rental and shuttle services. Each type of business requires a specific area of focus in the payment processing solutions they are looking for. For the airline companies, they will be concerned with ticketing, while the taxi companies will be looking at wireless credit card machines and fleet management, and the limo companies might want to focus on Level 3 processing.

How does your business benefit from our customizable solutions?

Depending on your business type, Nationwide Merchant Solutions will help you address your specific concerns when it comes to payment processing and other merchant services. That is why we have taken it as our duty to offer you the best systems to eliminate problems while boosting the quality of your customer service.  Here are the various benefits you can enjoy with our range of solutions:

  • Real time ticketing & access to real-time information
  • Up to date information on the pricing and routes
  • Complete control over fleet management
  • Ability to accept wireless credit card payments
  • Increased transaction speed
  • Reduced cost in maintenance
  • A reduction on overheads
  • Tracking via satellite
  • Quality customer care

Our solutions can help your transportation business grow

When you choose us as your merchant services partner, you are definitely giving your business a chance to rise above the competition. As you grow your business, you will see:

  • Improved green credentials
  • Increased and improved profit margins
  • Retention of the available market
  • An enhanced reputation
  • Increase in revenue due to an increase in the initial market
  • Best utilization of your available resources

Nationwide Merchant Solutions systems are specifically crafted to ensure that you put in less effort but still reap in maximum benefits. Let us show you how merchant services can make a big difference to your transportation business today. You can also request for a live demonstration on our feature-rich solutions if you are situated in the Tri-State area.