Wholesale Merchant Processing

Nationwide Merchant Solutions understands that managing a wholesale business is very challenging.  The nature of complexity for these stores can be a big problem for any business owner because wholesale businesses often deal with products in bulk numbers. The distribution channels, the multiplicity of the products and the large number of clients can sometimes be hard to manage.

Wholesale Merchant Processing

How can your business benefit from our customizable solutions?

We provide systems that are effective, efficient and able to address the various difficulties faced by wholesale business owners. Knowing that the needs of this industry are demanding, we ensure that our systems are efficient, quick and easy to use so that you do not have to add another staff training problem to your list. By adopting our highly customizable systems, you will be able to:

  • Have a single system to manage your business
  • Improve customer service by managing customer demands
  • Increase annual sales
  • Increase revenue through retailing from multiple channels
  • Manage stocks better
  • Increase the work productivity of your employees
  • Get regular reports on your customers’ favorite products and preferences
  • Avoid wasting time for your clients
  • Get verifiable sales reports which are very detailed
  • Process clients’ invoices automatically and print their receipts easily
  • Be assured of your company’s high security offered by the encryption features
  • Verify client information faster
  • Access your business’s data at any time of the day
  • Enjoy system scalability and unlimited capacity of your database
  • Co-ordinate your business operations efficiently offline when there is no Internet connectivity

Our solutions can help you distribute your products in the most organized way

We understand that distribution of wholesale products is not an easy task. Our systems ensure that wholesale businesses are able to distribute and sell their products with ease with these product highlights:

  • Process order entries and invoices
  • Process online orders automatically through order entry systems
  • Email clients’ statements and invoices from the system directly
  • Offer alternate case selling units
  • Print all aging reports directly from the system
  • Review estimated cost for each item
  • Handle special orders
  • Process automated purchase orders
  • Email purchase orders directly to vendors from the system
  • Monitor sales productivity
  • Help you develop barcodes and labels
  • Track shipping information
  • Show sales history in details
  • Calculate the percentages of the products distributed in a day
  • Calculate the commission of sales for each product distributed
  • Handle special, and multiple pricing for each product
  • Report the number of products distributed daily

Nationwide Merchant Solutions is a well recognized industry leader when it comes to merchant services so let us help you become an industry leader in the wholesale industry too. Give us a call today to discuss your specific business needs. We can also do a live product demonstration at your business premises if you are located within the Tri-State area.