Cosmetics Payment Processing

Nationwide Merchant Solutions knows that running a cosmetics retail store involves a lot of challenges when it comes to inventory control and sales payment monitoring. Even more challenging is dealing with the shift in brand loyalty because the health, beauty and cosmetics industry is highly competitive with new products launched every now and then.

Cosmetics Payment Processing

To make sure that your customers stay under your wings, it is essential that you provide a variety of payment options for their purchases. Some cosmetics products can be expensive so if your shop does not allow credit card payment, you can be sure that your customers will shop elsewhere due to the inconvenience you put them through.

Nationwide Merchant Solutions fully understands the struggles that the cosmetics industry faces, and that is why we will always recommend the best suited POS system which not only help cosmetics store handle all types of payment but also allow your business to replenish high margin items efficiently and avoid unnecessary re-ordering of slow moving cosmetics products.

How does your business benefit from our customizable solutions?

Our solutions are designed in a way to allow your business to sell easily, process payments fast and securely, and at the same time maintaining your inventory records. The benefits include:

  • Recall of inventory and control
  • Re-order and decreased stock reports
  • The reports of out of stock
  • Regular order making point alarms
  • Enables you to group the items of inventory into various categories
  • Tracking of the purchase
  • Comprehensive levels of multiple discounts
  • Department search through the use of the ID and names of your choice
  • Creation of many categories or department that you may require
  • Assign department names that you like and the department IDs
  • Inventory reports by department, thus a list of all the department IDs together with their corresponding descriptions

Our merchant solutions can help your business to grow

Our POS systems and merchant services can provide improved accuracy in tracking payments and allow you to make quick responses to the fluctuating trends of your paying customers. You can easily grow your business with features such as:

  • Efficient customer checkout
  • Quick checkout options
  • Automatically circulate change
  • Pricing sales well
  • Control with re-order level reminders
  • Scan bar codes or quick pick items from the best sellers, package and treatment series list and product categories
  • Auto generate POS invoices from scheduled POS services
  • Maintain a list of price history for all the products with effective dates
  • Walk-in and web sales supported
  • Create discount types and custom payment
  • Track commissions and the transactions by the provider, staff and location for products and services

For more information on how to help your cosmetics business stay organized and grow, give us a call or email us today. We will also be happy to do a local product demo at your cosmetics business premises if it is situated within the Tri-State area.