Nonprofit Payment Processing

Significantly different from traditional retailers and most merchants, nonprofit organizations need to build member and donor relationships as well as provide convenient donation and electronic payment systems so that those who support the cause of your organization can offer funding easily. Most payments are not made at the organization’s premises today and instead, online payments, telephone order payments and SMS text payments are the main ways that not-for-profit organizations receive their funding.

Nonprofit Payment Processing

How does your business benefit from our customizable solutions?

Our customizable and affordable solutions can efficiently help you collect donor and member payments and provide you with accurate reporting tools so that you can comply with your legal duties and requirements well. We also ensure convenient modes of transactions and can also help your donors set up a donation schedule where funds are automatically deducted at their stipulated intervals. Here are various benefits you can gain when you use our solutions:

  • Management of interchanges; this translates to your business avoiding costly MCC/SIC misclassifications
  • Built in functionality with convenient and automatically monitored fees
  • Recovery mechanisms that prevent payment breakages at any point of transaction
  • Account updating and account authorization which leads to the recovery of initially declined donations and payments
  • Reporting customer data and information after every transaction
  • Management of your recurring billing program
  • Lower fraud risks with our fraud management tools

We give your nonprofit organization the best support so that you can focus on promoting your cause

Our solutions are reliable and they offer great help to any non-profit organization. The member and donor payments are accounted for in a clear and concise manner and they allow you to have the best experience when it comes to the utilization of your dues and your income. Here are the various aims our solutions seek to achieve:

  • Maximum optimization of your fees and automatic benchmarking of your revenue
  • Minimum breakages of payments within transactions
  • Establishment of a stable financial foundation which helps you make viable business decisions

From setting up the payment systems to helping explain how your donors access the payment gateway from a smartphone or computer, we are eager to serve you. Nationwide Merchant Solutions is also confident of providing you with a stable foundation for progress and development. If you want to learn more about what we can do for nonprofit organizations, give us a call or email us today!