What types of POS software do you offer?

We offer a number of POS software solutions for our clients. The software you choose should be based on the business you operate, as well as your specific needs. Our software caters to merchants who work in multiple industries.


Aldelo is POS software designed for restaurants, clubs and bars. It can replace standard cash registers, offering much faster and efficient service. Some of the features that are included with Aldelo include a management system for reservations or waiting lists, as well as the ability to page both managers and guests. It offers client tracking, management for gift cards, and quick service order entry. Additional features include payment handling for cashiers as well as routing and tracking for delivery orders. All these features are included, and the system works right from the box.


This software is designed for retail or restaurant merchants. As anyone who works in these industries knows, managing a large number of orders and payments simultaneously can be extremely challenging, especially during holidays. Aloha is one of the most innovative tools on the market today, and allows merchants to manage their orders with ease. Some of the features that are included with this software include GUIs that offer menus that can be configured, as well as more rapid credit card processing at each POS.

Aloha offers reports that showcase the total sales, along with the labor costs, mix of products and the sales category, along with the overall speed of the service staff. Aloha also has built in features that greatly reduce the loss of data and downtime. This software incorporates features such as biometrics along with traditional tools such as card swiping or PIN numbers.


This software is designed primarily for gas station and convenience store merchants. Petroleum offers order tracking and processing which is both quick and convenient, and it also has a high uptime. This software is also scalable, which means that it is designed to account for future growth. The hardware that accompanies this software is also tough, able to withstand outdoor weather conditions as well as heavy usage.

Petroleum offers a touch screen which ensures gas station workers have more space, and it also allows for complete control over inventory. It also features a system for wireless payments, and it can be integrated with the back office. Petroleum is also unique in that it allows for POS payments which are unattended, meaning that customers can pump and pay for their own gas without assistance from a clerk.


This is one of the top software packages for the hospitality industry. It was the first software program to introduce touch screens for restaurants and hotels. Squirrel offers a platform which is fully integrated, and it seamlessly combines hardware with software. It features rapid credit card processing, support for point of sales, and a database which is centralized with configurable menus. For security, Squirrel offers both firewalls as well as antivirus solutions, and the interface is both simple to learn and use.